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Whatever your business the right kind of exposure and marketing is the life blood of survival. Exhibit One is at the top of their game when it comes to signage, graphics and display stands. In business for 23 years, are highly qualified to help any company give the right impression every time. From design to production whether for an exhibition, conference, seminar, or required for placement in a reception area or showroom floor, Exhibit One has a display stand to suit all, for example a Bannerstand is just one of many display stands Exhibit One provide. This stand is very popular especially where space is limited. With many different types of Bannerstands to choose from is a very stylish versatile promotional tool.

Pop Up Displays, one step up from Bannerstand is a perfect portable display with a full range of either straight or curved designs and comes in various sizes, and will give maximum impact at affordable prices.

In addition to Bannerstands and Pop Up Display Stands, Exhibit One can produce the perfect eye catching and creative Exhibition Stand.

At an in-house production facility the right style and feel can be achieved by Exhibit One. From the first initial meeting with the customer, this would include planning to design, installation and removal, the Exhibition Stand will achieve the ultimate goal which is the perfect end product.

Once the Exhibition Stand is designed everything is taken care of at the Exhibit One warehouse. Delivery and erection is all part of the service provided on the day of the show, and when it is over the Exhibition Stand is dismantled and taken back to Exhibit One, cleaned and stored ready for the customer’s next event.

A spokesman for Exhibit One said: "We can fulfill our entire customer’s exhibition and display requirements, our aim is to supply good quality product and design, at affordable prices for everyone". He went on to say: "Over the years we have prided ourselves in providing a first class quality service the key point in helping us stay ahead of the game is our continued investment in the most up-to-date technology".


The Essence Of Marketing With Banner Stands

The essence of marketing encompasses the links of a business with customer needs and wants, the achievement of corporate goals, a management process that identifies customers efficiently and profitably, and is so important in today’s industry to stay ahead of the game.

The purpose of marketing is to capture the attention of your target market, to persuade customers to buy a product or promote a service, your prospects need to believe your message and take action on the product or service you have to offer.

Exhibition shows are one of the principle places to generate new business and exhibition displays, provide the perfect platform for a business to beat the ‘jungle drums’ and say to their audience “here I am”.  It is very difficult to get ahead in the business world at the best of times, and without the perfect tools to market and advertise your company you will be fighting a losing battle.

There is no point attending a promotional event if you don’t get noticed.  People attending have limited time, and usually these events are packed, and if your exhibition stands are not big, bold, and eye catching you may as well not be there, this is where large format graphics come into play.

Exhibit One established in the 1980’s working out of their offices in Gloucestershire, Covent Garden London, and Southern Spain supply all types of display systems, to businesses throughout the UK.  Their range comprises of pop up displays quick and easy to construct, provide masses of impact, straight or curved and the ‘midi’ range for height restriction.  No matter what space you have available a popup is perfect.

Your company may wish to go for banner stands whatever the venue, whether a conference, exhibition, or showroom floor, these marketing displays are stylish and versatile, and the perfect promotional tool.  There is so much on offer at Exhibit One you will be hard pushed to choose, having said that, Exhibit One are always happy to help with advice and assistance whatever your display, exhibition or presentation needs, and more importantly will help you meet your budget.

The in-house graphic designers at Exhibit One can help you design your stand, either form existing ideas you may have, or completely from scratch, and create something quite special, incorporating trade show graphics that will hit the spot.

Exhibit One is a ‘one stop’ shop when it comes to all types, and sizes of display stands, whether retractable stands, modular display systems, vinyl banners, panel folding kits, these kits are perfect for anything from small desktop presentations, to full-scale exhibition stands, lightweight and versatile provide the ideal durable solution to all your presentation needs.

The world of business is extremely competitive, and businesses are looking for the most beneficial and cost effective method to market their products and services, what better than to trust Exhibit One to advise and help you achieve your business goals, by using the best possible method of advertising, display stands.


Versatile Marketing ( 16th November 2010)

Studies suggest that exhibition stands, which encompass pop up displays and banner stands
encourage impulse buying which of course is a good thing for your business.

Banner stands are highly versatile advertising and marketing tools, and must be used to its full potential.  There are many ways a banner stand can work for you 24/7, on your sales floor, outside your store, use it to highlight a new product, service or have it as a back drop to a public speaking engagement to name but a few.

To make banner stands work for you the stand must be strategically placed and with great graphics and it will draw attention to a sale, or a special product you are promoting, and attract customers attention exactly where you want it.

Banner stands need to be ‘fit for purpose’ to draw people into a trade show, a store or restaurant. Whatever the venue, it is imperative that the graphics are eye-catching and the message is clear.  These stands are so versatile and can be used in many ways for marketing purposes.

Just as versatile is the pop up displays and are fast becoming the most popular way for companies to showcase products and services, and because of its flexibility is useful to a wide range of businesses and organizations.

If you want something lightweight that you can fold down into portable carriers, then pop up displays should be your number one choice, and can give you the versatility and flexibility you need.  More importantly the low cost of these stands takes nothing away from you still achieving high impact marketing without going over budget.

In today’s highly competitive market all types of signage are becoming great business promotional tools all over the world.   Whether opening a new business or simply looking to attract more customers the whole ensemble of signage either exhibition stands, pop up displays, banner stands can play an essential role in your marketing endeavours.

Confused? Well don’t be, consult Exhibit One who is in the 21st year of business, and the UK’s number one provider of all types of signage.  They are highly qualified to help you in any advertising and marketing project. 

Exhibit One has seen many changes in the world of signage, graphics and displays, but from their network of offices in Gloucestershire, and Southern Spain have prided their selves in providing a first class quality service.

A spokesman for Exhibit One said: ”Whatever your needs, we can fulfill all your exhibition and display requirements, with a full in-house production team who are highly qualified in their specific areas of expertise, can provide quality products at the right price, thus giving the customer high impact yet very portable displays”.


Creating A Buzz (16th November 2010)

If you think that the exhibiting and events industry is a thing of the past, wrong, just the opposite, recent statistics shown by the Association of Events Organisers that these events are in fact growing, thus ‘kicking into touch’ advertising and marketing in the media and television.

In order to generate the sort of buzz and interest in your business and product, companies throughout the country are ever searching for the tools that will secure a solid marketing strategy, which will be cost effective.

As the exhibiting and events industry goes from strength to strength all types of display stands whether it is pop up stands, exhibition stands, banner stands or folding panel kits, have become the lifeblood of advertising and marketing and the perfect tool.

Choosing the best display stand will take a lot of thought, such as, where it will be used, what sort of space available, with the initial impression the words ‘judging a book by its cover’ comes to mind.  A first impression it has always been said is a lasting one, in this thought process the need to create a design with striking colours and vivid designs, but not straying away from the correct corporate image will not only catch the eye but ‘push the right buttons’. 

Nothing sets the tone like strong imagery, and a professional signage company like Exhibit One can make, and lift your display stands head and shoulders above the competition and make whatever you choose ‘fit for purpose’.

Everything imaginable to advertise and market your company is achievable when seeking professional advice from a provider such as Exhibit One in terms of your total solution.

The huge range of products that Exhibit One has to offer is second to none and their aim is to fulfill all the consumer’s exhibition and display requirements, a spokesman for Exhibit One said “we are always happy to help with advice and assistance whatever your needs, our website is very explicit, and more importantly very user friendly, visit it and we are confident you will find the perfect display solution to suit your requirements”.

To create a buzz around your business or product take the bull by the horns, be daring, innovative with graphics, design and colours, choose large print format, so your message is clear and concise, but at the same time be true to who you are and what you are about.  Trust Exhibit One to help make you a force to contend with in the business world.